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│ Profile │

*Height: 13feet / Weight: 6kg

*Air Injection
Complete safety through air-injection(not helium-injection)

*Maintaining of Shape
Continuous air-injection allows for the puppet to maintain it's shape regardless of slight damage

*Self-Illumination at night
A lot more visible display at night due to built-in LED lights

Giant Puppet and its control system are fully integrated for any single person to move and operate with ease

*Fixing facility
Continuous PR on the fixing device without an operator

*Easy assembly/disassembly
Even a non-expert can assemble or disassemble air avatar within a minute simply by reading the manual

│ Model │

Selection of 60 different types of characters are available Customer order based production is also available

│ Events │

*Sports Events
Vibrant cheerleader flagman, or a member of a dance team

*Brand Campaign
Warm direct interactions with customers in shop openings, ceremonies, and other various events

Perfect solution for main attraction in outdoor events such as street festivals, local government events, Election campaigns and more

*Outstanding presence
Stands out more in crowded and busy places with lots of people

*An on-site promotional man
Visits where customers can go and where people can be Not a sit-back and waiting promotional item; but an active mobile promotion

*Ideal for store opening promotion
Audio promotional messages and music can be conveyed to the customers through speaker(Optional)

│ Tools │

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Poster type
60cm x 70cm

Manteau type
80cm x 230cm

Shoulder strap
30cm x 160cm

X banner type
50cm x 115cm

Pint on ready
made T-shirts


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